Slip And Fall Injuries – How To Deal W/ Them Legally

slip and fallSlip and fall injuries are considered as some of the most common injuries in today’s legal system. They are also among the most neglected issues as many people are not aware of their legal rights regarding this. Slip and fall injuries are generally considered as “premises liability” cases. The manager or the landlord of a property has a legal obligation to maintain a safe environment. A slip and fall injury can cause the victim unable to work or result in a permanent disability. Hence if you find yourself a victim of slip and fall injury you are legally entitled to receive compensation.

How to prove a slip and injury case and get a winning compensation:

In the first place to file a slip and fall case one must have sustained an injury as a result of that fall. The next step is that you have to clearly prove that the accident occurred due to the fault and negligence of the property owner and not because of your carelessness. For this purpose you are entitled to prove that the property was at an unreasonable risk and the property owner was fully aware of it. Under such a situation if you file a case you can get a winning compensation.

Tips to win your case and get a favorable settlement:

1. The first and foremost tip for winning an amicable settlement is to provide proper evidence and documentation for the injury.

2. Hire a competent attorney in this specific field who will guide you through the challenges of litigating a slip and fall case.

3. It is important to prove a direct link between the property owner’s negligence and your loss and damage.

4. Clearly show that the property manager or landlord has a responsibility for a safe environment.

5. Make sure to prove that the factors causing the accident were purely under the control of the property manager or landlord.

6. In order to successfully litigate and win the compensation that you rightly deserve use expert witnesses, building plans and other relevant documents that can help prove the intent of the defendant.

7. You can also site special legal instances related to your specific case to win a fair and just settlement.

If you have encountered a slip and fall injury you must be feeling anxious and unsure about your legal rights. Remember, you deserve strong legal representation to handle your case and win a compensation you are legally entitled to. Hire a personal injury lawyer who can help you determine if you have a case and if so how to stand up for your legal rights.

Interesting Intersection Accidents Facts and Figures

auto-accidentIntersection accidents have a negative effect on both pedestrians and vehicle occupants. It is therefore important that both parties use caution. When you are walking, it is advisable that you cross the road after making eye contact with drivers. Never at any time assume that motorists will notice you. Some of them may be impaired or simply inattentive.

When driving, be extremely careful lest you end up hitting pedestrians. Always focus on the road and avoid distractions at all costs. For instance, avoid using your phone while driving. To ensure that you are on the safe side, make an assumption that pedestrians will not obey the traffic rules. At dawn, dusk or night hours, you need to be more vigilant at intersections. Approaching drivers may notice that you are approaching, but may not notice that you have a trailer.

In addition to keeping the sides of the vehicles clean, you need to ensure that reflective devices, side lamps and other systems are operational. Always check them before you start your trip. At intersection, you need to pay close attention to road signs so that you understand how the traffic flow should be. Get to know where the turn lanes are and find out if both directions get turn signal the same time. In case you come across a blind intersection, slow down and be alert until the way is clear.

If you hit a pedestrian who is crossing the road legally, be prepared to face criminal penalties and civil litigation from the authorities and the injured party respectively.  They will most likely be hiring a criminal defense attorney to handle their case. The victims of intersection accident are free to file a claim against the responsible driver for the injuries sustained. A successful injury claim may see the responsible party provide support for pain and suffering, medical bills, lost income, and other damages. It can however be a challenge to get adequate support.

It is advisable to keep detailed notes of what you have lost as a result of the accident, as this will ensure that your receive fair compensation. Therefore, keep copies of medical bills and have a journal of your struggles since you sustained the injury. Before making decisions that could impact on your financial and personal future, research on all the options available. Also, ensure that you have contact information of the witnesses and the driver.

A lot of strategies have been put in place in an effort to prevent intersection accidents, most of them being engineered based. Education and enforcement are equally important strategies. Most often, the combination of these strategies is required to completely solve the problem.

Auto Accident Statistics You May Not Know

questionAutomobile accidents occur worldwide on almost daily basis. Even minor auto accidents can lead to major injuries and high repair cost. In this post, we’ve assimilated some useful auto accident statistics to help you stay informed about the potential dangers and complexities they can bring in your life.

Studies have shown that even the accident that occur as slow as 5 miles per hour, can cause neck injuries, while other high speed accidents can even damage the car and have fatal impact.

Are Injuries Prevalent Right Away?

Unfortunately, not all injuries are visible at the time of the accident. In most cases, the symptoms of internal injuries can develop later on. Irrespective of when and how the symptoms show up, the injuries can still be severe. Studies have shown that the symptoms can stay for as long as months, or even years.

Auto Accident Statistics

There are various statistics related to auto accidents reported so far . Here are some of the most important ones that you might want to take a look at:

  1. According to the reports by Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS), approximately 6,570,000 accidents took place in the 2009
  2. 40% of the automobile accidents resulted in fatalities
  3. In the year 2010, over 2,925,758 injuries were reported in ER due to automobile accidents
  4.  In more than 59% cases seatbelts were not worn at the time of driving.
  5. 82% of the fatalities reported every year involve rollovers.
  6. 17,419 of the fatalities in 2011 were alcohol related
  7. Statistically speaking, every driver is involved in at least 1 automobile accident in his/her lifetime
  8. 26% of drivers were involved in some or the other kind of automobile accident in the last 5 years
  9. The costs of automobile accidents per year results in loss of hundreds of billions of dollars
  10. It has been studies that approximately 10% of all automobile accidents victims become disabled

What can be done to Reduce the Likelihood of Automobile Accidents?

A lot of things can be done to reduce the risks of automobile accidents. Automobile accidents statistics show that most of the accidents take place when the driver is distracted, drunk or tired. occur when the driver is distracted, tired, or drunk.  It’s important that these drivers are held accountable and they should be hiring The Clark Law Office – The best criminal attorneys in greater Lansing, MI for quality representation. The following figures are given by the National Highway Safety Traffic Administration on how often the drivers are distracted by varying activities:

● 81% – talking to passengers

● 66% – playing with the music player.

● 49% – eating or drinking

● 25% – texting or messaging on a cellular phone

If you or someone in your circle has been recently involved in an automobile accident, it would be wise to get in touch with an automobile accident lawyer as soon as possible. A reputed and experienced automobile accident lawyer can give you good advise about your rights and remedies.

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